Oklahoma Process Server Assaulted

Oklahoma Sooner Process Server Association  has just received a report from our member in Alva – Gregory Smith, that he was nearly killed when an angry woman attempted to ran over him today.  Gregory was able to put his hands on the hood of the car to push himself away from the vehicle coming right at him.


Gregory tells us that he did not have his car camera on because he knew the people.  He also says that is a dumb reason not to use your car camera because look what happened when he was not prepared.  It sure would have helped the police and their investigation.


At this point, the D.A. doesn’t know if he wants to files charges. D.A. is saying this is a he said, she said situation and does not have physical proof of a crime.   We are getting geared up just in case he chooses not to file.


For those of you who think all this can’t happen to you, think again!


We have a dangerous job and you should never, ever forget that!!!  You should always be on your guard and be alert to your surroundings and what people near you are doing.  Just think what could have happened to Gregory if he hadn’t been on his guard and this was caused by people he was acquainted with not strangers like most of us deal with.