President Nominee

Dear Association Members: 

I Am Running For President Of The Association. I Am The Founder And Current President Of The Association, 

My Grandparents Came To Oklahoma When It Was Still Indian Territory And I Am A Native Oklahoman. I Have An Associate Degree In Criminal Law / Justice And In Sociology. I, Also Have A Bachelor Degree In Sociology. I Have Worked For Profit And Non-profit Organizations, Retail Business, And Oil And Gas Offices. My Family Was In Retail Business For Over 65 Years. 

A Big Part Of My Work Has Been To Communicate With Judges. Court Clerks, And Businesses Concerning The Law When It Comes To Process Servers And How Their Behavior Goes Against State Or Federal Law. This Communication Has 

Opened A Myriad Of Doors For Our Members To Serve Documents. I, Also, Communicate With Court Clerks Or Their Employees When They Are Not Treating Process Servers According To The Law Or Have Been Outright Discriminatory In Their Practices Involving Process Servers. Our Program Has Been Very Successful. I Have, Also, Been Active In Helping Our New Members And Those New To The Business With Their Questions And Procedures Relating To Our Business And Association. 

We Have Been Successful In Keeping Legislation Out Of The Hands Of 

Legislatures Who Would Harm Process Servers And Our Members. We Have Been Very Successful In Passing Legislation Which Helps Our Members. We Have Had A Great Deal Of Success In Helping Our Members Be More Successful As Process Servers. We Have Introduced Our Referral Program Concerning Our Web Site. We Get More And More Calls From All Over The Country Searching For Process Servers And Our Members Are Getting Business By Helping These Clients. Our Members, Also, Receive (2) Free Listings On The Internet And Can Use The Investigative Program We Have That Can Help Them Find Runners Or Gives Them Needed Information About Them. 

I Would Appreciate Your Vote For President. 

Thank You, Ann Pollard

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