The name of the Association shall be known as the OKLAHOMA PRIVATE PROCESS SERVER
ASSOCIATION, OKPPSA, hereinafter referred to as “the Association”.


Section 1. The registered office and registered agent of the Association shall be as set forth in the Association’s
Certificate of Formation. The registered office or the registered agent may be changed by resolution of the
Board of Directors (hereinafter referred to as the “Board”) upon making the appropriate filing with the
Secretary of State.

Section 2. The principal office of the Association shall be 5103 S. Sheridan, # 515, Tulsa, OK 74145, provided
the Board shall have the power to change the location of the principle office.

Section 3. The Association may also have other offices at such place, within or without the State of Oklahoma,
as the Board may designate, or as the business of the Association may require or as may be desirable.


To promote, upgrade and perpetuate the process serving profession through the following objectives:

Section 1. Promoting legislation and rules which will advance the profession.

Section 2. Combating legislation and rules which may harm the profession.

Section 3. Improving and maintaining professional and ethical standards for the profession.

Section 4. Improving relations between the profession and the legal community-attorneys, judges, clerks and
Officers of the court-and the general public both statewide and nationally.

Section 5. Promote the Association to the legal community and to the general public.


The Association shall have three (3) classes of members: Active, Associate, and Honorary. Members must meet
the following qualifications for membership: applying for membership in the Association by meeting such
qualifications, completing such forms and paying such membership dues.

Section 1. Membership in the Association shall be open to all persons who are affiliated with the profession of
process serving. Membership is approved on an individual basis by the members of the Association and the
Board and is not transferable.

Section 2. Active members are those who reside in the state of Oklahoma and are authorized to be a process
server under the laws of the State of Oklahoma or under the rules and orders of the courts or as determined by
the Board and are current with their yearly dues.

Section 3. Associate members are those persons who do not maintain a residence or office within the State of

Section 4. Honorary membership shall be determined by the Board.

Section 5. Only active members shall have the right to vote or to hold office.

Section 6. All applications for membership must be completed in full on a form provided by the Association or
on the Association website. Each application must be accompanied by one (1) year’s dues. No applicant shall
be considered for membership if the applicant has been convicted of a felony within the past five (5) years or
who has had their license, permit, or right to serve process revoked by any issuing authority unless said
conviction or revocation has been pardoned or expunged. No person seeking membership in the Association
who owes a current member payment for any products or services will be considered for membership.

Section 7. Membership may be revoked by the Board for violations of the Bylaws, the Code of Ethics or failure
to comply with decisions of the Arbitration and Grievance Committee. In addition, any member who is
convicted of a felony or who has their license, permit, or right to serve process revoked by any issuing authority
may have their membership revoked after review by the Board.

Section 8. A member convicted with a felony shall report the full details within ten (10) days of being
convicted to the Board by notification to the Secretary.

Section 9. A member, who has had their process serving authority, license, appointment or certification
suspended, revoked or cancelled, shall report the full details of such suspension, revocation, or cancellation
within ten (10) days to the Board by notification to the Secretary.

Section 10. The Association Membership Director shall publish the names of all applicants to the membership.
If no objecton is received within thirty (30) days after publication from the general membership, the Board of
Directors or the Investigation Committee, the applicant is accepted. If an objection is received within thirty
(30) days after publication, the Membership Director shall advise the applicant and the applicant may submit a written response to the objection to the Board to answer questions regarding the objection and their
qualifications for membership. The Board will determine whether a requested appearance by the applicant is
required or that the applicant will appear before the Board personally or electronically.

Section 11. Any member may resign by filing a written resignation with the Secretary.

Section 12. Upon written request signed by a former member and filed with the Secretary, the Board may, by
the affirmative vote of fifty-one (51) percent of the Board, reinstate such former member to membership upon
such terms as the Board may deem appropriate.

Section 13. Membership in the Association is not transferable or assignable.


Section 1. The annual membership dues shall be determined by a majority of the membership at the annual
meeting and shall remain in effect until changed.

Section 2. The annual dues for Associate members shall be determined by a majority of the membership at the
annual meeting and shall remain in effect until changed. Honorary members shall be dues exenpt.

Section 3. The effective date of membership shall be thirty (30) days from the first (1st) day of the month
following their application date. The Association shall notify the membership by e-mail at least thirty (30) days
prior to their renewal date that renewal is due and will notify by e-mail thirty (30) days after renewal date that
their membership has not been renewed and is subject to lapse. If renewal payment is not received forty-five
(45) days after renewal date, the membership is revoked.

Section 4. Any officer or elected director’s dues shall be waived, starting in 2016, during their term of office.


Section 1. No member shall be eligible to be an Officer or Director starting in 2016 until they have been a
member in good standing for one (1) year or is a Founding Member of the Association. Anyone on probation or
pending shall not be eligible to run for office.

Section 2. The Officers shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Terms of each
officer shall be for one (1) year. Officers shall be elected by a majority vote by the members present at the
annual meeting. Nominees must be present in person to accept nomination. No proxies shall be allowed.

Section 3. Regional Directors shall be elected at an annual meeting at the discretion of the President.
Terms of Regional Directors shall be one (1) year. Regional Directors shall be elected in a single ballot with
each member from that region casting one vote for each seat to be filled. Nominees must be present in person
to accept a nomination. No proxies shall be allowed.

Section 4. The Membership Director shall be elected by a majority vote by the members present at the annual
meeting at the discretion of the President. Nominees must be present in person to accept nomination. No
proxies shall be allowed.

Section 5. The Training Director shall be appointed by the President and voted on by the Board and at the
discretion of the President. No proxies shall be allowed.

Section 6. A vacancy in any office or Director position shall be filled by the Board and selected by a majority
vote of the Board. No proxies shall be allowed.


Section 1. The administration and management of the Association shall be controlled by the Board consisting
of the officers and directors. They shall have the authority to do any and all things necessary for the
administration of the Association.

Section 2. The President shall preside at all Board and Annual meetings, make all appointments that are
deemed necessary to run the Association, and submit a report describing programs and board actions at the
annual meeting. The President shall not vote on any matter except to break a tie or when vote is by secret

Section 3. The Vice President shall perform the duties of the office of President whenever the President is
unable to do so.

Section 4. The Secretary shall cause to be recorded the minutes of all Board meetings and the annual meeting.

Section 5. The Treasurer shall be responsible for carrying out all fiscal policies and procedures adopted by the
Board and is responsible for preparation of financial statements and presentation of these to the Board at each
regular meeting. The Treasurer shall submit a written report at the annual meeting. All checks are to be signed
by two (2) Officers.

Section 6. The Board shall adopt a Code of Ethics and Policy and Procedure Manual. The President shall
appoint an Arbitration & Grievance Committee which together with these Bylaws shall constitute the governing
authority of each member. All persons accepting membership in the Association agree to abide by the above as
a condition of membership and continued membership.


Section 1. There shall be a minimum of two (2) Board meetings per year: one (1) Board meeting held at the
annual meeting and one (1) Board meeting before the end of that year. Board meetings shall be called by the
President. Board meetings may be held electronically. A Board meeting must be called within thirty (30) days
if petitioned by a majority of the members. The membership shall be notified at least two (2) weeks prior to all
regular Board meetings and encouraged to attend.

Section 2. Special meetings of the Board may be held by mail, fax, e-mail, telephone conference or any other
electronic means. Special meetings of the Board shall be held upon call of the President or at the request of
three (3) Directors. Such meetings are to be called only in case of emergency or dire circumstances which
condition could not wait until the next regular Board meeting. Matters brought up can be voted upon without
full discussion or debate. Minutes of a special meeting shall be sent to all Directors within forty-eight (48)
hours of the meeting and each Director shall be required to approve or correct the minutes within twenty-four
(24) hours of receipt.

Section 3. At any annual members meting, five percent (5%) of the active membership present in person
represents a majority of the members and shall constitute a quorum. No proxy voting shall be allowed.

Section 4. Members shall be admitted to all meetings except executive sessions. Non-members may be
admitted to all meetings, except executive sessions, unless disapproved by a majority of the members present.
Only matters involving the personal affairs of an individual may be held in executive session.

Section 5. An annual members meeting shall be held. Officer’s reports, committee reports, and any new or old
business as the membership see fit will be discussed. The annual meeting shall also serve the purpose of
nominating and electing the Officers and Directors for the upcoming year, or for any expired or vacated

Section 6. All notices provided for in the Bylaws shall be sent by mail, e-mail, facsimile, or other electronic
means to the addresses recorded with the Association and the posting of such notices to said addresses shall be
regarded as notice to the members.

Section 7. At a meeting where a vote has been taken, the Secretary shall publish the following information on
the Association’s website; ( a ) a description of the motion or amendment, ( b ) the result of the vote, and
( c ) the final wording of the order or amendment, if passed.

Section 8. The latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the conduct of all meetings
where the Bylaws or the Policy and Procedure Manual do not specifically address.


Section 1. The logo shall be a design to be determined by the Board. It shall be used only for the purpose of the
Association identification, signifying membership therein, on letterheads, business cards, and advertising matter.

Section 2. As a condition of membership, every member of the Association agrees that use of the logo shall be
and is limited to the time during which their membership herein shall be in good standing, and each member
hereby agrees that upon termination of their membership, they will discontinue use of such logo.


Section 1. The Board may provide for the issuance of certificates, cards or other instruments evidencing
membership rights, voting rights or ownership rights (hereinafter referred to as “certificates”), which shall be in
such form as may be determined by the Board. Such certificates shall be signed by the President or Vice
President. The name and address of each member and the date of issuance of the certificate shall be entered on
the records of the Association. If any certificate shall become lost, mutilated or destroyed, a new certificate
may be issued therefore upon such terms and conditions as the Board determines.

Section 2. When a member has been admitted to membership and has paid dues that may then be required, a
certificate shall be issued in that member’s name and shall be delivered to the member by the Secretary.


Section 1. The Association shall have the full power to indemnify and advance expenses to any person entitled
to indemnification under the following provisions: individual requesting indemnification must be a current
member of the Association; member must have dated receipt of purchase with business name, description of
purchased items and the dollar amount of purchased items on the receipt; individual requesting indemnification
must have permission from a Board member before purchasing items; all items purchased must be purchased
for the benefit of the Association.
Any indemnification must be approved by the Board and is at the discretion of the Board.

Section 2. The Association may purchase and maintain insurance or another arrangement on behalf of any
person who is or was a member, director, office, employee, or agent of the Association or who is or was serving
at the request of the Association as a director, officer, partner, venturer, proprietor, trustee, employee, agent, or
similar functionary of another foreign or domestic corporation, employee benefit plan, other enterprise, or other
entity, against any liability asserted against him or her and incurred by him or her in such a capacity or arising
out of his or her status as such a person, whether or not the Association would have the power to indemnify him
or her against that liability. If the insurance or other arrangement is with a person or entity that is not regularly
engaged in the business of providing insurance coverage, the insurance or arrangement may provide for
payment of a liability with respect to which the Association would not have the power to indemnify the person
only if including coverage for the additional liability has been approved by the members of the Association.

Download printable copy of the Association Bylaws: PPS ASSOC. BYLAWS